I need to sleep because trip tomorrow but i wanna keep posting about SEES+Ryoji and Social Media

Ryoji laughs ridiculously easily. You show hir a funny vine and sie’ll be a mess for 10 minutes. Minato is the opposite, so all the other sees kids end up ranking funny things on a scale of Ryoji to Minato

Ryoji and Junpei have at least 1 vine that starts with Junpei trying to do a cool stunt and ends with Ryoji looking concerned in the camera while Junpei screams off-screen


Can’t wait until these cuties are released!!! Check the shopping guide for links to buy everything!


Imagine Junpei and Ryoji doing it for the vine


I was nearly positive I made the same face in every selfie but I was wrong
Also 6 picture selfie game 2k14 up in here

Imogen Heap’s voice is so good someone remind me to listen to her more often


"if u keep saying ur cute people are gonna think ur just begging for attention!!!" hell yeah i want all the attention in the world. everyone pay attention to me im wonderful, im great and im beautiful

Ryoji can’t swim and burns rly easily oke dont argue with me on this


Thinking about Ryoji in the third P3 movie makes me sad but thinking about Nyx is like yoooooooooooo

I didnt know party members could run away from battle when they’re afraid what the fuck

like way to go aigis and aki, thanks for leaving me here with Junpei