me: haha yea I think i’ve calmed down about kaworu

me: [sees a picture of them]

fuck. shit. i lied. i fuckin lied okay fuck i hate this fae moon child they ruined my like fucking hell.

Kaworu Nagisa + last words.



The new IOS8 update contains an app named Health which CANNOT BE DELETED.

The app allows you to choose which aspects of your health you choose to monitor, but available categories include “Body Measurements”, which includes body weight, and “Fitness”, which contains sections for calories consumed and calories burned. 

While this may be useful for those looking to monitor their fitness, it could be triggering and harmful to those suffering with or in recovery from eating disorders, especially in sufferers with obsessive compulsive tendencies they find it very hard to abstain from, such as calorie counting, body measuring and weighing.

Whilst of course the app cannot force you to use it, it cannot be deleted, so will be present within your apps and can be a source of feelings of temptation to record numbers and of guilt and judgement for not using the app.

If you personally feel you could not emotionally handle the presence of this app,  and it would be detrimental to your recovery, please do not download IOS8. I do not know if a new IOS can be avoided permanently (if anyone has any information on this please do add it to the post), but if it cannot then please use the time you have to prepare yourself for the app, and to reinforce reminders that you do not have to calorie count, you do not have to weigh yourself, you do not owe proof of exercise to anyone, person or app.

another thing related to last post is that most smut is fine but irl po/. /rn is like. no. n. this is rly awkward and gross dont show me this.

tmi blogging, thoughts/talk of sex+genitals under the cut

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Kellex’s wall directions brought to you by Bucky Barnes being upsetting and Target




Hmm tired definitely suits the body language in that first gif, yeah. And it’s so different from how he behaves in most other places in the film. I always sort of interpreted it as something like… He knew this was coming. He knew he would have to show Shinji the state of the world. And he knows it’s gonna be very painful for Shinji. He’s completely serious and somber.

In that second one, though… He looks determined, to me. Like he’s put a lot of thought into it, and he knows what he has to do. And he is determined to see it through. He wants to succeed. Badly. I don’t really see hesitation or uncertainty, but that’s just me.

With the DSS Choker… Something familiar… It sure does seem like that… Makes me wonder…

Oooh yea, I can definitely see determined in the second gif too! I think there’s a lot of ways you can read that moment, and it probably depends on your general overall reading of Kaworu.

For the last gif, he does say (according to my subs) “lillin made this because it was afraid of me to begin with” so i think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that Kaworu has worn it before, or at least has been threatened with it/aware of it. My bet would be on SEELE making him wear it at some point, or it being enforced on him between 2.0 and 3.0 (which goes a long with my theory/idea that kaworu died once between 2.0 and 3.0 but that’s a post for a different time)

my blog tonight, a summary:

in other news I finally got some of one of my fav things

in other news I finally got some of one of my fav things



Hello I am making a network for those kawoshin, eva lovin’ folks out there. 

You will prob wanna join this network if you like:

talking about theories and time looping, analysis,
gay and trans everything (everything), 
trans kawoshin, 
trans mariasu,
lots of joking around, and pain. Well, you’re in this fandom. You sure must be accustomed to it. 

Aaaaaaaaaaand we love kaworu nagisa. no kaworu hate tolerated.

I will accept 20 people within two and half weeks. If you are accepted I will message you! primary group contact will be over skype so you should have one!

to apply: reblog and submit me your reason for wanting to join

good luck and have fun!


im so


about Kaworu Nagisa like

this is the original Akira Ishida babe right here, sorry Ryoji


It is nigh impossible for me to draw someone as aggressively gentle-looking as anime Kaworu. That said, I kinda miss that oldies style of droopy-eye gentle-looking animus. 9v9)>


It is nigh impossible for me to draw someone as aggressively gentle-looking as anime Kaworu. That said, I kinda miss that oldies style of droopy-eye gentle-looking animus. 9v9)>

Have some more thoughts from twitter

Kaworu’s body language during “do you want to know?” is so different than when he’s walking down the steps it’s more?? idk quite how to say // i think Tired probably works. less casual/relaxed too.

Kaworu actually looks less sure in the second shot. and since the camera is just focused on him [rather than him+shinji] it makes me think+that he’s also trying to convince himself that there  is always hope and the thought of that just makes me [vague upset hand gestures]

and the way he kinda runs his fingers over the DSS Choker like it’s something familiar is so [slowly closes his eys]

or .. it could be both, bc you can take eva on an overall symbolic level from shinji’s p.o.v. whilst still understanding the complexity of kaworu’s character? also nge2 good end = best end

well yea I mean i know symbolism/concepts are an important part of Kaworu’s character [and to a degree, the entire eva cast] but ppl that act like that’s all he is and doesnt have any traits beyond are just [vague hand motions] no